The first edition of the national Mirabilia –  ArtinArt – Craftsmanship in Art award.

Luca Colacicco came out on top with his Tronco Lucano in the Matera Provence.

Milo Manara, a famous Italian illustrator of comics, indeed notorious worldwide for his erotic comics, presented the award for “Tronco Lucano” to Luca Colacicco at the Mirabilia ArtinArt event. The work, created by his own designer, a digital artisan, is an authentic expression of the crafting of wood and technological innovation that is applied to the artistic craftsmanship as well as of its region of origin, using a mixture of traditional and innovational methods.
Of all the works presented by the local artisans of the Mirabilia Netwotk, another three works were awarded: “Viaggiamenti” (Travelling) by Marina Bertagnin, “Sentieri 3” (Footpaths 3) by Nives Marcassoli and “Caos e Ordine nell’Universo Pensato: ALBA CELESTE” (chaos and order in the thought universe: heavenly sunrise) by Antonio Zaccarella.

“Tronco Lucano”, Luca Colacicco

“Viaggiamenti”, Marina Bertagnin

“Sentieri 3”, Nives Marcassoli

“Caos e Ordine nell’Universo Pensato: ALBA CELESTE”, Antonio Zaccarella