Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the most popular site in the world by TripAdvisor users: Italy is sixth with the Sassi of Matera (which will be the European Capital of Culture for 2019). In the national area, the ancient tuff wreaths of the Lucan city precede the Duomo di Monreale and the historical centre of Siena. The ratings of UNESCO World Heritage sites most appreciated by international travellers in Italy and around the world – read in a note – are based on the average rating of the evaluations related to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and present on TripAdvisor. The top of the Italian top ten is therefore the Sassi of Matera, the only Italian site awarded in the world rankings. According to the Duomo di Monreale, the historic centre of Siena is a bronze medal. Then the Patriarchal Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta in Aquileia, Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi and Amalfi Coast. The Italian classification is closed with Pompei, the historic centre of Florence and Venice.

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