The Aeolian Islands: the seven gems of the Mediterranean Sea

Half a million years ago, the Aeolian islands formed along a volcanic arc that developed thanks to the movements of the Earth’s plates and the eruption of magma. The only active volcano is now the Stromboli volcano, the “Thyrrenan Sea beacon”, the intermittent eruptions of which cause lapilli to fall out along the “Sciara del Fuoco”, whereas the Vulcano crater has been sleeping since the end of the XIX century. The sea surrounding the islands contributes to an enchanting landscape and every isle offers beautiful beaches: Pollara in Salina, Valle Muria in Lipari, Puntazze in Filicudi, Bazzina in Alicudi, Sabbie Nere in Vulcano, Cala Zimmari in Panarea, Piscità in Stromboli. Boat trips allow tourists to visit those places that can be reached only by sea, and which are mesmerizing thanks to the uniqueness of their sea bottom. The Aeolian islands are also imbued with history, myths and legends that make them a very culturally stimulating place: humans have been living on these islands for 7,000 years and have certainly marked every single island with their presence. So, prehistoric villages were found in Panarea, Filicudi and Salina (Capo Graziano and Serro del Capo); Lipari can boast its Castello, the heart of the acropolis, and the Regional Aeolian Archaeological Museum “Luigi Bernabò Brea”, one of the most important museums of the Mediterranean area. Hiking routes can be followed on the islands, thus plunging visitors into pristine nature, the landscape of which is constantly dominated by the rich Mediterranean scrub. The tourist offering is also characterized by the great wine and food tradition of the islands that blends the delicious products of this land and the fish coming from its sea.


The Aeolian islands can be reached by sea by following a number of routes. Maritime services operate all year long and during the summer they run more often. Boat services from Milazzo, Messina and Reggio Calabria and Naples run all year long and during the summer hydroplane services are operated from Salerno to Catania or Messina, and from there, Milazzo can be reached. The nearest airports are the Catania- Fontanarossa Airport (110 km) and the Stretto-Reggio Calabria (110km) Airport.


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Upon arrival at the Catania Airport, you will reach Milazzo by means of the shuttle service, you will then board the hydroplane to get to Lipari. After the hotel check-in, you will be given the keys to the room that was booked for you. You will then visit the island and its castle: a group of buildings that were built on the top of a volcanic cliff overlooking the sea. You will then enjoy a typical supper in one of the restaurants located in the historic centre of the island.


Tour of the island by boat, you’ll visit the enchanting beaches of Valle Muria, Spiagge Bianche and Canneto. In the afternoon, you’ll leave to reach the Vulcano island, and there you cannot leave the island without swimming in the waters of the famous Spiagge Nere. After which, you’ll enjoy a tour of the island by boat. The island is characterized by constant volcanic activity, which tourists really appreciate since it is possible to enjoy hot mud baths and the underwater fumaroles that are very well known for their therapeutic effect. In the evening, you’ll leave for Stromboli and you’ll be able to watch the glow of volcanic explosions in the night from the sea. At the end of the boat tour, you’ll travel back to Lipari.


You’ll leave for the Salina island by boat and you’ll stop over at the extraordinary Pollara and Lingua beaches. In the afternoon, you’ll leave for Panarea, the smallest of the Aeolian islands. To the north-east, at the Calcara beach, you may still see the fumaroles coming out of the crack in the rocks. Supper will be in one of the typical restaurants of Panarea, the one island where you can really enjoy the Aeolian night life, the island is also very well known for its clubs and bars. At the end of the evening, you’ll travel back to Lipari.


Hotel check-out and journey back to Milazzo, you’ll then travel back to your home town.