VI International Cultural Tourism ExchangeMATERA, 17 LUGLIO 2017

Mirabilia Network is an annual appointment, with several moments of promotion on international markets and a fixture meeting at the end of year: the "International Exchange of Cultural Tourism", a business to business meeting between the offer of the partner territories and demand of major international tourism buyers.

After the events of Lerici (2012), Matera (2013), Perugia (2014), Lipari (2015) and Udine (2016), the Exchange will take place this year in Verona from 23th to 24th of October in 2017.

The design process aims to promote an integrated tourist offer of the "lesser known", which makes it possible to see and use the links between touristic areas interesting and united by the UNESCO recognition and to propose them to an increasingly attentive and demanding international audience for cultural tourism of great quality. It is a galaxy of "lesser goals" (certainly not for their value), which are connoted as true "tourist pearls" for quality, excellence, uniqueness of their cultural essence.The project is therefore intended as an opportunity for deepening and knowledge for the promotion of Unesco sites "less known" through their respective landscapes, historical, artistic and enogastronomic heritage and offering great potential and great intrinsic value to be stimulated, valorized, Discover and connect to the network.

Mirabilia Food & Drink-October, 28th in Taranto with International buyersMATERA, 17 OTTOBRE 2016

Mirabilia Food & Drink is going to take place in Taranto for its first edition from the 27th to the 29th of October to celebrate a new phase of relations and comparison with foreign markets traders, with a varied range of typical products from the UNESCO World heritage sites industries. These intense days will be preceded by a visit of the Japanese delegation buyer to different companies in Matera before moving to the Ionic capital. On  October 28th, at the "Cittadella delle imprese" of the Chamber of Commerce in Taranto, will be hold the B2B meetings dedicated.  The visits to the local companies are planned for the 29th.

For the foreign journalists, also an educational tour on the production techniques and traditions, history, food and wine production of the territory will be organized. The event is part of the periodic and targeted programming of the project "Mirabilia - European Network of UNESCO Sites" which the Chamber of Commerce of Matera is the leading partner. The event is organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Taranto with the Chamber of Commerce of Matera, in collaboration with ICE, Agency for the promotion and the internationalization of Italian companies abroad, together with the Chambers of Commerce of Bari, Chieti, Genova , Lecce, Messina, Perugia, Riviere of Liguria and Udine.

At Mirabalia Food & Drink are going to partecipate 19 workers and three journalists from Japan, Canada, Benelux area, Northern Europe, Poland, Hungary, the United Kingdom. The participating companies are 42, coming from Taranto, Bari, Matera, Potenza, Chieti, Lecce, Perugia and Messina.

Fifth Exchange of Cultural Tourism - UDINE, July 11th 2016MATERA, 01 OTTOBRE 2016

The project Mirabilia - European Network of UNESCO Sites, is preparing for the biggest showcase of the V International Cultural Tourism Exchange, to be held in Udine from 24th to 25th of  October 2016. Operators wishing to attend, have to convey the request within September 15th. The event is organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Matera, the project leader, together with the Chambers of Commerce of Bari, Chieti, Genoa, Lecce, Messina, Perugia, Riviera of Liguria, Taranto and Udine. The appointment in Friuli is a B2B meetings for entrepreneurs in the tourism sector (tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, incoming agencies, etc.) operating in territories that can boast the application or the ownership of a material site well recognized as World heritage by UNESCO and 50 buyers (incoming operators, decision manager, luxury travel buyers, journalists, opinion leaders, etc.) from countries of European Union, United States of America, Japan and China. The closing event of the project, which started with the creation of the International Stock Exchange in Lerici in 2012, Matera in 2013, Perugia in 2014 and Lipari in 2015, aims to promote an integrated tourist offer of the "less known ", heritage sites of Unesco, in order to make visible and accessible the connection between the territories united by the recognition of being a World Heritage Site, in order to offer them to an international increasingly demanding audience and to a high quality cultural tourism market.

Great success for the Mirabilia project in JapanMATERA, 01 SETTEMBRE 2016

So much interest and concrete contacts in Japan for the supply of tourism itineraries, gastronomy, culture and specificities of the UNESCO-protected assets, networked by Mirabilia project, promoted by 12 Chambers of Commerce and of which Matera is the leader. Besides the tourist offer, there were also those of industry and services, aerospace industries, handicrafts, home design and innovation of enterprises, with a synergistic action thanks to the Chamber of Commerce of Matera, the participation and the contribution of the Basilicata Region with the Departments of Agriculture and Development, Labor, Training and Research and Unioncamere in the Japanese market  which is attentive to the peculiarities of a new reality and to the ancient culture, such as Lucana one.

The confirmation came from contacts and relationships established during " Italia, amore mio!'', an event organized on 28th  to 29th  May 2016 in Tokyo for the 150th  Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Italy and Japan. Mirabilia, with the Chambers of Commerce of Matera, Bari. Taranto and Chieti and the newborn local networks of companies, obtained contacts and results that will have positive repercussions on the offers related to the itineraries of Sassi and the rock habitat of Matera, the Trulli of Alberobello and Castel del Monte in the province of Bari, the artistic and architectural treasures of Taranto Capital of Magna Grecia and the spell of the province of Chieti in the Abruzzo Mountains Trabocchi Coast.

The network of "Mirabilia" companies will promote Italian excellence all over the worldMATERA, 01 GIUGNO 2016

An ambitious and well-structured program designed to bring added value to local economies that have goods and attractions recognized as "World Heritage ''. With this goal were presented today in Matera the aims and objectives of the network of companies in the regions of Chambers of Commerce that have favored the birth of the initiative to support the Mirabilia project. The network has been promoted by the Chambers of Commerce of Matera (leader and promoter of the project), Bari, Chieti, Genoa, La Spezia, Lecce, Messina, Perugia, Siena, Taranto, Udine, with the ambitious goal to start marketing of Mirabilia routes in the world. And the first appointment is with the Japanese market on the occasion of the event “Italia amore mio’’, as programmed, from the 26 th to 29th of May to celebrate the 150 th anniversary of trade and diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Twenty companies joined the tourist network, providing hospitality and mobility services. They are the companies Superba tlc of Genoa, Network House Matera and Caruso & Grassi tour operators of Matera, Interlude management and Eolnet of Messina, Admire Tour operators and Umbria Incoming Perugia, Relais lands of land and Motolese farm Taranto, Infosei, Iris soc coop, Vision Consortium Puglia, Incanto Apulia Travel, Cat Building North Baresi, Fabercity, Terme di Marcherita of Savoy, Grand Hotel Olimpo in Bari, Bikelife Live your passion of Chieti, ItalyBao from Lecce and Veronica Gliozzo from Siena.

Among the strategic objectives of the Network, which has developed an operational program, there are marketing on the national and international market of integrated tourist packages from the interregional network of Chambers of Commerce; the promotion of knowledge of the local areas, the creation of a commercial circuit of accommodation of incoming, wine and food products, the professional services offered by companies participating in the Mirabilia project initiatives.

The Network will adapt the Mirabilia project existing products to the new requirements of the national and international consumer and provide expert services in the areas of communication, marketing and internationalization of businesses operating in the tourism sector in its territories.

The concrete contribution of the network to the itineraries of the Mirabilia project represents a qualitative leap in the system between the Chambers of commerce and territories in the development and promotion of UNESCO sites. The debut in Japan is an important opportunity to add another node to the network of businesses started by Mirabilia.


Mirabilia - European Network of UNESCO Sites connects for the first time all the areas associated by an historical, cultural and environmental importance. An interaction among institutional and economic stakeholders and among different governance models supporting different territorial development policies.

Sponsored by 12 Chambers of Commerce the network connects the UNESCO - World Heritage Sites, excluding the universally known ones, in order to promote them among Italian and foreign tourists.

In occasion of the promotion of the Mirabilia Network in Japan is now available the japanese version of the brochure.





The IV International Exchange of cultural tourism will be held in LIPARI (ME), on October 12th and 13th, 2015 and is organized by the Mirabilia Network. The annual event is held at the end of the year and it is known as the “International Exchange of cultural tourism”, i.e. a business-to-business event where the offer coming from our destinations meets the demand of the big international tourist buyers who have been selected by a technical partner. 





Mirabilia brochure 2014 in JapaneseGENOVA, 29 OTTOBRE 2014

In occasion of the promotion of the Mirabilia Network in Japan is now available the japanese version of the brochure.
Download the brochure in PDF Format (12,5 MB).

Mirabilia - European Network of UNESCO Sites won the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2014GENOVA, 02 OTTOBRE 2014

During the European Assembly of the SME, in Naples, under the Italian Presidency of the EU, an important recognition to the planning and the ability of the Chamber of Commerce System to create a system to support business. Mirabilia network was awarded with the first place prize at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2014 in the category 4: Supporting the Internationalisation of Business. The award annually selects the most innovative initiatives and effective public institutions and public-private partnerships of the EU, to support entrepreneurship.

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