The Unesco Sites at the TTG Travel Experience in Rimini

From 13th to 15th October, Mirabilia Network will participate to the 3-day event that will host operators from 23 different Countries. This will be a unique chance to promote those territories in our Country which host some of the world’s most beautiful places.

Matera 8th October 2021 – Mirabilia Network will attend the 2021 edition of the TTG Travel Experience in Rimini, the flagship evento for the promotion of the world tourism in Italy, from 13th to 15th of October in the Rimini Exhibition Centre.

The Association, composed by Unioncamere Nazionale and 17 Italian Chambers of Commerce promoting Unesco World Heritage Sites, will have a stand in the Hall C4 at number 035. Here the PID-Punti di Impresa group (coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa) will also have a spot.

The emotional videos of the territories which host some of the world’s most beautiful places,  as well as pictures telling us about these places and their traditions, will characterize the Mirabilia stand, that is willing to inspire and involve, as well as to make different cultures, stories, experiences, tourism offer, welcoming models meet each other. Here, where territories and Unesco sites will constantly be in the spotlight, visitors and travel industry operators – coming from 23 different countries – are going to be attended by the Network representatives.

The Network is going to hold an official conference scheduled for the 13th of October at 15.00, in the Acero room, sited in the West Hall. “Alla scoperta di un’altra bella Italia” (Let’s discover another beautiful Italy) is the title of the conference that will help spread the knowledge and the value of a brand which wants to promote, both from a touristic and productive point of view, the territories acknowledged as Unesco World Heritage Sites.

The speakers of the conference are: Angelo Tortorelli, president of the Mirabilia Network Association, Giorgio Mencaroni, president of the Umbria Chamber of Commerce and national vice president of Unioncamere, Vito Signati, Mirabilia Network coordinator, and  Emma Taveri, chief visionary officer, destination makers and councillor for Tourism in Brindisi.

«During this recovery, after a really difficult year due to the Covid emergency, the world heritage sites of Unesco represent a driving force to attract sustainable and qualified tourism – said Angelo Tortorelli, president of the Mirabilia Association -. We undoubtedly have the advantage of being able to keep thinking as a network, and the ability to cooperate orizontally at any level, but still having the advantages of a strong governance, thanks to the coordination of the Chambers of Commerce, authorities that are capable of generating income not only touristically speaking but also economically. We can achieve all of this knowing that we represent 13 million people and a fifth of all Italian tourism (pre-Covid data) for an estimate income of 296 million €, the same as Portugal and Finland. We restart being aware of these numbers, and we want to stimulate foreign tourists coming to visit our Country to discover another beautiful Italy, but we also refer to Italian tourists, since proximity will be an important factor in the next future.»

The 3-day event will attract operators from all over the world to Exhibition Centre of the coast town, which is an ideal location to establish networks and advertise the Italian tourism offer, thanks to the presence of a large number of companies operating in the tourism area, tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, transport, hotels, tourism services, technology and innovative solutions.