The Association

The European Network of Unesco Sites has been reached in Rome. At the headquarters of Unioncamere, the Mirabilia Network Association was established.

Unioncamere and the Chambers of Commerce I.A.A: Bari, Basilicata, Irpinia Sannio, Caserta, Crotone, Chieti – Pescara, Genova, Messina, Molise, Pavia, Perugia, Pordenone- Udine, Riviere Di Liguria, Sassari, Sicilia Orientale, Treviso-Belluno, Verona and Venezia Giulia are members of the non-profit association Mirabilia network. The first president of the Mirabilia Network Association is Angelo Tortorelli, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Matera.

The “MIRABILIA NETWORK” association was established to join together areas united by their historic, cultural, and environmental importance – an interaction between institutional and economic figures and between governance models underpinning the territory’s development policies. It is a non-profit association, and chambers of commerce and all the structures in the Italian Chambers of Commerce system can belong to it – as can national business associations, authorities, bodies, and public and private entities representing tourism supply chains and districts as well as related sectors interested in their promotion and development.
The Association can establish relationships of linkage or collaboration with Italian and international bodies and authorities interested in problems in the tourism supply chain in Italy.

The Association promotes cultural as well as wine & food tourism, and the supply chains aimed at capitalizing on the territories through an integrated tourism offering of “less-known” UNESCO sites, which renders visible and usable the linkage among territories that, in tourism, culture, and art, are united by their UNESCO recognition. It aims to support “another Italy”, the one offered to an international public by connecting the special features that contribute towards an added value for increasingly targeted demand from new travellers.

The Association aims to integrate the multiple nature of experiences in the sectors of tourism, culture and services, while also fostering an exchange of skills in the processes of social and economic development, with reference to the following lines:
– Cultural Tourism
– Environment – Green
– Artistic Handicrafts
– Wine & Food
– Digital Innovation
– Work/School Alternation

The Association’s purposes include that of creating business opportunities between supply and demand in the tourism sector, and in the closely related agrifood and artistic handicrafts sectors, by implementing specific actions of B2B, training, digitization of enterprises, development of applicative technologies, educational tours, design of tourist itineraries including those for specific themes (e.g. religious pilgrimages…), actions to capitalize on artistic handicrafts, actions aimed at establishing the European MIRABILIA of UNESCO sites, and interventions aimed at creating a network between Chambers of commerce and schools, with the objective of fostering knowledge of the territories and of the hospitality facilities in the participating provinces.

The Association performs international activities and initiatives in line with the provisions of the Protocol of understanding signed between the Ministry of Economic Development and the national Unioncamere, in addition to carrying out initiatives linked to national and EU projects, and developing agreements with other European-level Chamber bodies.

At the moment, the main aims are:
• Promote UNESCO sites and surrounding areas
• Enhance the landscape, historical, artistic and enogastronomic heritage
• Create business opportunities between supply and demand
• Become a landmark for consumer (international public) and trade (working in the sector)
• Increase the number of national partners
• Promote growing of the European network
Related projects
• Create a SME network model
• Support the training of companies
• Enhance food&wine and local crafts

The main actions are:
• Consolidate B2B contacts (the Tourism Exchange is a periodic appointment)
• Welcome other possible partners (interest from other Chambers)
• Continue with international contacts (EU and Far East)
• Open to the general public (Italian and international travelers)
• Training and consulting for companies
• Organization of «blogger tour», «post tour buyer»
• Collaboration between Chambers of Commerce and schools
• Technological innovation and new digital communication tools

Registered Office:
c/o Unioncamere
Piazza Sallustio n. 21
00187 – Roma