Friuli Venezia Giulia – Italy

MAB Ancient vineyards, small settlments, natural reserves run all along sweet hills, watching over a suggestive landscape with a unique microcosm, fully rich of different tradition with a millenial history. That’s Collio, a halfmoon of sunny hills in the province of Gorizia, norther east Italian, between alpi Giulie and Adriatic sea, close to the border with Slovenia.

This small piece of land can discover terrific beautyful glimpes (scorci): rivers, mountains, acacia forests, hills, vineyards, lagoons. This territory is rich of historical and cultural heritage, with a variety and contrasting/opposite influences, displayed by castels, lonely churches, legends and poems in different languages.
Collio between two rivers Judrio (to the west) and Isonzo (to the east), is about 1500 ha vineyards, inside 8 out of 25 municipalities in Gorizia area: Capriva, Cormòns, Dolegna del Collio, Farra d’Isonzo, Gorizia, Mossa, San Floriano del Collio e San Lorenzo Isontino.
The territory consists of eocenic and paleocenic hills, cut by narrow and small dales, except for the bigger Preval Valley.
The specific microclimatic conditions of this area, sited between the Julian Alps and the Adriatic sea, since the ancient times have favoured the development of high standard viticulture and the winemaking of excellent white wines, famous for their strong mineral notes and lifespan.
Four are the autochthonous vine varieties: Malvasia, Ribolla Gialla, Friulano and Picolit. The assembling of different winegrapes results in the production of the most distinctive wine, the Collio Bianco, the true essence and soul of this territory.
Not far away from the Collio, is located the multicultural and charming regional capital city, Trieste. Its most representative symbol is the austro hungarian Miramare Castle, sited close to the Protected marine area of Miramare, recognized as Biosphere reserves of Unesco’s Man and Biosphere – MAB Programme since 1979.


How to get here

By Air: Aeroporto Trieste Airport, Ronchi dei Legionari (GO) –: Cormons 18 km, Gorizia 28 km, Trieste 54 Km, Venezia 120 Km.
By Train: Railway Station: Gorizia and Cormons (GO) on the railway Udine-Trieste.
Other stations: Trieste Central Station, Monfalcone
Other stations on the railway Venice-Trieste: Cervignano-Aquileia-Grado
By Car: Highway A4 , exits Palmanova, Villesse-Gorizia, Redipuglia

Must See


The best way to discover the Collio area near Gorizia is to travel along the “Wine and Cherries route”. Leading from San Floriano to Dolegna, it has been the first wine route established in Italy in 1963. It is possible to visit the sites where the World War 1 has left its bloodiest evidences: among them, the Oslavia ossuary, hosting the remains of 60,000 soldiers. Other traces and thematic routes dedicated to World War 1 can be visited all over the Karst plateau area between Gorizia and Trieste.
Cross-border areas shared with the neighbouring Slovenia, Collio and Karst are rich with towers, castles and manors built by noble families in the past centuries.
Crossroads of cultures and border city, Gorizia has always had a central role in Mitteleuropa. Today the history of this town is highlighted by its streets, its parks, its middle ages, baroque and 19th century architecture.


Trieste, an international, multicultural and multi-religious city. Trieste recalls a small Vienna laying on the sea, with beautiful and elegant palaces built in baroque, neoclassic and liberty style. Trieste is a kind of unique and fascinating puzzle: among its pieces we can recall San Giusto and Miramare castles, the Synagogue, the Greek and the Serbian Orthodox temples, the Lutheran and the Helvetian churches. It is really worth spending the night in Trieste and have an evening sightseeing.


Grado, rich with peculiar Venetian athmospheres. A health spa center and seaside resort with finest sandy shores, Grado is not only a place for spending some wonderful relaxing days, but also the starting point for a tour along the lagoon and its protected areas of unique beauty.


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