Mirabilia360 – Mixed Reality

The app allows you to experience in the extremely immersive mode the 13 sites of unexpected historical, cultural and environmental significance recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Wearing specific cardboard for Mixed Reality, the visitor has the opportunity to explore the Italy with the “Map Maker” identifying Points of Interest and experience it with Augmented Reality.

“Capturing” with the look the site you would like to visit, you can activate Virtual Reality in a completely immersive environment, thanks to 360 panoramic photos of great impact.

Mirabilia 360 is available:

mirabilia 360 per android

Download the Map Marker for the APP Mirabilia360, which is the starting point for the use of Augmented Reality.

marker mirabilia 360 per utilizzare la app

On 23rd and 24th October, Verona will be host of the International Cultural Tourism Exchange signed by Mirabilia

The top of the world’s tourism industry will be in Verona, on October 23rd and 24th, for the International Tourism Exchange, organized by Mirabilia. It is a B2B (business-to-business) event and is reserved for Italian tour operators with buyers from all over the world.

The 83 buyers, 50 from the tourists sector, 33 from the food & drink sector, have been profiled in detail to subdivide them by level of refined hospitality, stars, type of building, court, historic villa, castle, diffused borough. Some of them include art and culture, but also mountain – only for the summer season, spa, spa and wellness, some of them golf and then religion, school trips and of course food & wine, there are who organizes trips on measure and who is pointing to culture and shopping.
Buyers come from all over the world, close and far, Austria, India, Russia, Japan, Lithuania, Israel, Canada and many other markets.

Mirabilia Award ArtinArt

This year will be exhibited in Verona, on the occasion of the International Cultural Tourism Exchange, the works participating in the MIRABILIA ARTinART- Artisan Art Prize, which were previously selected at a provincial level by a local commission. The enhancement of artistic artisanship, of the UNESCO sites of the Network, is the goal of the first edition of the Mirabilia ARTinART national prize.

The theme of the award is: Mirabilia-Journey into the Cities of Art. An artisanal product, unique to the creativity and quality of the materials used, aims to identify, strengthen and preserve the memory of a tourist site.

This is just one of the examples of complementary designs that Mirabilia has been able to implement over time.

Mirabilia Food & Drink-October, 28th in Taranto with International buyers

Mirabilia Food & Drink is going to take place in Taranto for its first edition from the 27th to the 29th of October to celebrate a new phase of relations and comparison with foreign markets traders, with a varied range of typical products from the UNESCO World heritage sites industries. These intense days will be preceded by a visit of the Japanese delegation buyer to different companies in Matera before moving to the Ionic capital. On  October 28th, at the “Cittadella delle imprese” of the Chamber of Commerce in Taranto, will be hold the B2B meetings dedicated.  The visits to the local companies are planned for the 29th.

For the foreign journalists, also an educational tour on the production techniques and traditions, history, food and wine production of the territory will be organized. The event is part of the periodic and targeted programming of the project “Mirabilia – European Network of UNESCO Sites” which the Chamber of Commerce of Matera is the leading partner. The event is organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Taranto with the Chamber of Commerce of Matera, in collaboration with ICE, Agency for the promotion and the internationalization of Italian companies abroad, together with the Chambers of Commerce of Bari, Chieti, Genova , Lecce, Messina, Perugia, Riviere of Liguria and Udine.

At Mirabilia Food & Drink are going to partecipate 19 workers and three journalists from Japan, Canada, Benelux area, Northern Europe, Poland, Hungary, the United Kingdom. The participating companies are 42, coming from Taranto, Bari, Matera, Potenza, Chieti, Lecce, Perugia and Messina.

VI International Cultural Tourism Exchange

Mirabilia Network is an annual appointment, with several moments of promotion on international markets and a fixture meeting at the end of year: the “International Exchange of Cultural Tourism”, a business to business meeting between the offer of the partner territories and demand of major international tourism buyers.
After the events of Lerici (2012), Matera (2013), Perugia (2014), Lipari (2015) and Udine (2016), the Exchange will take place this year in Verona from 23th to 24th of October in 2017.
The design process aims to promote an integrated tourist offer of the “lesser known”, which makes it possible to see and use the links between touristic areas interesting and united by the UNESCO recognition and to propose them to an increasingly attentive and demanding international audience for cultural tourism of great quality. It is a galaxy of “lesser goals” (certainly not for their value), which are connoted as true “tourist pearls” for quality, excellence, uniqueness of their cultural essence.The project is therefore intended as an opportunity for deepening and knowledge for the promotion of Unesco sites “less known” through their respective landscapes, historical, artistic and enogastronomic heritage and offering great potential and great intrinsic value to be stimulated, valorized, Discover and connect to the network.

European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2014

The seven winners of the eighth annual European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) were announced in Naples at the SME Assembly, which is the cornerstone of European SME Week.

The Grand Jury Prize was awarded to Encouraging Business Start-ups by Mothers with Young Children, a Hungarian project that seeks to help mothers develop the skills and mind-set to launch and run successful businesses. It offers online resources and training programmes.

The project also holds the Entrepreneurial Women’s Roundtable to help mothers navigate the world of business and build relationships with one another.