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  • The protagonists of the Mirabilia network

    The Chambers of Commerce

    Mirabilia Network brings together National Unioncamere and 21 Italian Chambers of Commerce, promoting the places recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage: CCIAA of Basilicata (lead body), Bari, Caserta, Catanzaro Crotone Vibo Valentia, Chieti-Pescara, Foggia, Genoa, Irpinia Sannio, Marche, Messina, Molise, Padua, Pavia, Pordenone-Udine, Ligurian Riviera, Sassari, South East Sicily, Treviso-Belluno, Umbria, Venezia Giulia and Verona. These territories represent unique geographical areas of their kind, with characteristics and peculiarities: cultural, food and wine, craftsmanship and innovation excellence. The actors involved work together with the same aim to connect the sites, create institutional and economic interactions and between governance models underlying the development of the territory.

    Unesco Sites on Mirabilia Network

    Mirabilia supports Italy and shows its excellence to a national and international audience: to do so, it harmonizes the peculiarities of different territories, enhances their potential and thus creates a surplus value compared to an increasingly demanding and targeted request.

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    The Mirabilia Network Association aims to promote the territories and paths in the UNESCO World Heritage sites supported by the Chambers of Commerce of:

    Pubblicazione ai sensi del terzo comma dell'art.2501-ter del Codice civile del Progetto di trasformazione e fusione dell'Associazione Mirabilia Network in Isnart Scpa