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    In 2016, the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Rural landscape Collio (ITA)/ Brda (SLO) project between Isonzo and Judrio”was launched . Friuli-Venezia Giulia boasts a rural landscape rich in native vineyards of ancient origins, with small villages and nature reserves that chase each other on soft hills, in a suggestive territory with a unique microcosm for traditions and millennial history. The recognition of the “Miramare” Biosphere Reserve dates back to 1979, which is located 7 kilometers from Trieste: it has the shape of a rocky karst promontory, with cliffs and beaches and traditional terraces with dry stone walls, where olive trees and vineyards are grown.

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    The Mirabilia Network Association aims to promote the territories and paths in the UNESCO World Heritage sites supported by the Chambers of Commerce of:

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