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    The Mirabilia Days express the association’s mission in a series of events, organized in different territories. The events highlight excellence and peculiarities, becoming a fundamental showcase for the promotion of places and professionalism.

    Through these events, Mirabilia makes known and enhances the beauty of the landscape, and the cultural, historical, artistic food and wine heritage. The aim is to support Italy which effectively presents itself to a wide audience, combining the peculiarities of the sites, to create added value compared to the increasingly targeted demand of travelers. The Mirabilia Days talk about tourism and its evolutions, through heritage, but also traditions, folklore, craftsmanship, food and wine and innovation.


    Promotion of UNESCO sites and cultural, historical, artistic, food and wine heritage territories.

    Enhancement of culture as a factor of sharing, participation and commonality of values.

    Strengthening the bond with the territories through the story of their peculiarities.

    Creation of immersive experiences in a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

    Development of concrete and valid opportunities to meet supply and demand.

    Other activities

    Top of the PID Award

    With the collaboration between the national network of the PID and the association Mirabilia, innovative projects in the field of tourism are awarded.


    Oleotourism is one of the new frontiers of food and wine tourism, an important growth opportunity for the country and the entire olive sector.

    International Cultural Tourism Exchange

    With over 3 thousand meetings between buyers and sellers of food and tourism field, the presence of more than 94 Italian sellers and more than 58 international buyers.


    The 7th edition of the “Mirabilia food&drink” Agribusiness Exchange was held on 16 and 17 October 2023.

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    The Mirabilia Network Association aims to promote the territories and paths in the UNESCO World Heritage sites supported by the Chambers of Commerce of:

    Pubblicazione ai sensi del terzo comma dell'art.2501-ter del Codice civile del Progetto di trasformazione e fusione dell'Associazione Mirabilia Network in Isnart Scpa