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  • MAB Collemeluccio Reserve – Montedimezzo Alto Molise

    Unesco MAB area since 1997

    Recognized in 1977, the MAB Collemeluccio – Montedimezzo Alto Molise Reserve is the privileged place for excursions between precious environmental species and wildlife. Molise is a land rich in extraordinarily unspoilt landscapes. In a few kilometers, you go from the coast to the mountains through ever-changing landscapes with changing colors. It is characterized by high biodiversity, and wildlife is very rich in species. The evidence of Paleolithic settlements is combined with archaeological sites of the Samnite civilization, a people of warrior shepherds who practiced transhumance for a long time. The imposing walls and numerous public buildings are proof of Roman domination. Almost all the Molise towns are dominated by castles, with a wealth of medieval monuments and towers. An exclusive activity is the production of bells. The Molise traditions make the region unique with customs and rites such as the Jelsi wheat festival which demonstrates the agricultural vocation of the town. The traditions of Molise cuisine are today partly revived by the agritourism companies present in the regional territory. In 1977 the “MAB Collemeluccio – Montedimezzo Alto Molise Reserve” was one of the first natural areas, one of the eight Italian ones, to be registered as a “Biosphere Reserve” for the conservation and protection of the environment, within the “ Man and the Biosphere” (MAB) of UNESCO, located in the province of Isernia, and including two very large forests in a sub-mountain area, with peaks above 1200 meters above sea level. The main habitats include silver fir, oak and beech forests and the inhabitants of the small villages scattered throughout the reserve are dedicated to agriculture, livestock farming and traditional crafts. The landscape is characterized by reliefs, river and lake plains and some water sources and boasts the presence of numerous animal species, including the spectacled salamander, the Italian frog, the gray wolf and the skunk. In addition to being important areas for the conservation of biodiversity, they are also ideal places to educate young generations to respect nature and the prudent use of local resources. The two areas can be used thanks to a wide network of paths (in particular, the Colle San Biagio path, in Montedimezzo, guarantees accessibility for disabled people). In Montedimezzo there is a visitor center, with sections dedicated to geology, wood and fauna, a projection room, wildlife enclosures and aviaries that house wildlife in difficulty recovering in the area. In 2014 the UNESCO International Commission approved the project to enlarge the area including the two Mab reserves hosted in the upper Molise area to the entire territory of the seven municipalities that are part of the Assomab consortium: San Pietro Avellana, Vastogirardi, Carovilli, Pietrabbondante, Pescolanciano, Chiauci and Roccasicura.


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