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  • Pollino National Park

    Unesco Site since 2016

    It is the largest national park in Italy established in 1993. With 192,000 hectares, it is located between two regions, Calabria and Basilicata, ranging from the Ionian Sea to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Nature and Man have intertwined age-old relationships that the Park preserves and protects under its emblem, the loricated pine. The presence of humans is limited and non-invasive. You can immerse yourself in the beech, fir, maple, and alder woods.Dominating the walks you will smell the scents and see the colors of orchids, daffodils, gentians, and brooms. The Pollino Park is well known for its medicinal herbs. You can also observe animals in the wild such as horses, wild boars, otters, eagle owls, kites, golden eagles, and Egyptian vultures. It has some of the highest peaks in Southern Italy, covered in snow for large periods of the year. There are many rivers in the park, deep gorges and wide valleys characterize its territory for a breathtaking panorama. Every season is excellent for visiting the Park.


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