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  • The Basilica of San Salvatore in Spoleto

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    The Basilica of San Salvatore, according to the great Spoleto historian Sordini, represents the greatest Spoleto monument of antiquity. Probably of funerary origin, it was initially dedicated to the martyrs Concordio and Senzia, united not only because they were buried in nearby places, but because thaumaturgical virtues were attributed to both. The sudden healings, which the people of Spoleto initially recognized in Senzia, were later linked to the healthy water that flowed from Colle Ciciano. In a Benedictine document of 815, the basilica is dedicated to San Salvatore, a change most likely to be attributed to the intervention of the Lombard dukes. Subsequently, it is referred to as Monasterium Sancti Concordii.In the sixteenth century on the inner walls of the apse were made some frescoes that recalled the cult of the Crucifix, from which derived the new name of the Church of the Crucifix.

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