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  • The Sila Biosphere Reserve

    Unesco MAB area since 2014

    Extending for more than 350,000 hectares, the Sila Biosphere Reserve has included the Sila National Park since 2014 within the scientific program “Man and the Biosphere – MAB”, attentive to the human-environment ecosystem. In addition to the breathtaking landscapes of the plateau, in fact, with its lakes, springs, forests and glacial moraines with a Nordic charm, the Reserve covers an area dotted with 71 Municipalities, whose inhabitants have been involved in the rhythms of nature since time immemorial: now as in the past, man lives according to the slow but inexorable progress of transhumance – which, seasonally, moves men and livestock along the Apennine axis from the mountains to the plains and vice versa – and of forestry. In few other places, the combination of man and nature has given such happy results as in Sila, so much so that today Calabria is counted among the first regions of Italy for the quality of food and wine production, with 36 denominations, and is every year a popular destination for tourists looking for a healthy relationship with nature and the rites and traditions that flow from it.


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