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  • Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene

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    Man has worked for centuries, with wisdom and patience, to adapt and shape this rough terrain, to create the particular checkerboard landscape made up of rows of vines parallel and vertical to the slopes. This cultivation technique, with spectacular geometries, takes the name of “bellussera”, created in the 19th century by the Bellussi brothers to combat Downy mildew. These viticultural practices use the Glera grape to produce the highest quality Prosecco DOCG wine. The mosaic appearance of the landscape is the result of practices that have respected the environment and that make a virtuous use of the territory, today as in ancient times. The discovery of wineries and small villages surrounded by terraces and vineyards is an exciting experience. You can explore the place of origin, get to know the producer, visit the vineyard and taste the wine, together with local delicacies. The Strada del Prosecco itineraries, between a glass of wine and a tasting of local cheeses or cured meats, offer an example of how food and wine pleasure is magnificently combined with cultural enrichment and aesthetic enjoyment, respecting traditions and the local environment.

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