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  • The small Temple of the Clitunno in Campello

    Unesco site since 2011

    The “Tempietto del Clitunno” is located in the hamlet of Pissignano in the municipality of Campello. It is one of the most interesting early Middle Ages in Umbria, and is a rare testimony to the ancient Lombard past of the Spoleto valley. Since 2011, together with the church of Salvatore di Spoleto and six other Italian architectural jewels, it has been part of  the UNESCO serial site Longobards in Italy considered as the Places of power. Long thought to be a Roman shrine, it was later dated between the 4th and 5th centuries. A.D. and identified with a church named after the Savior. Recent studies have also allowed us to limit the chronology to the Lombard age, with an oscillation between the beginning of the 7th and the following century. The establishment is built above one of the numerous springs of the Clitunno river, already known in ancient times for the small chapels erected along its course where Jupiter Clitunno was venerated; this area is also remembered by Pliny the Younger for the beauty and richness of the landscape. Inside the cell there is a marble shrine, built with the reuse of sculptural elements from the 1st century and sculptural slabs from the Lombard period; you can admire the oldest frescoes of Christian subjects preserved in Umbria.

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