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  • Archaeological Area and the Patriarchal Basilica of Aquileia

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    Aquileia, a small town with just over 3 thousand inhabitants crossed by the Natissa River, is located a few minutes from the Grado lagoon. A Roman colony was founded in 181 BC, it was the capital of the 10th Augustan region and the metropolis of the Christian church. The city represented one of the most important commercial centers of the ancient world, a place of connection between the Mediterranean and central Europe. In Aquileia, there is an archaeological area of over 150 hectares but many areas are still to be discovered and represent a unique archaeological reserve. The forum, the river port, the decumanus, the burial ground, the walls, the baths, the markets and large residential complexes are visible. The basilica complex, with extraordinary early Christian mosaics, has been throughout history and is still a reference for Christianity. The most prominent element of Aquileia is the Basilica, built in the early Christian era, has extraordinary mosaics and has been throughout history, and still is today, a reference for Christianity.

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