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  • Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps

    Unesco site since 2011

    With its stilt structures it represents a site populated already in the ancient Paleolithic( in 4900 BC). This is Palù di Livenza, a pile-dwelling site and environmental heritage located between the municipalities of Caneva and Polcenigo, in the province of Pordenone. It is part of one of the 19 pile-dwelling sites found in Italy and is included among the 111 pile-dwelling archaeological sites distributed between Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany and Slovenia. The site of Palù di Livenza, in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (June 2011), is one of the oldest in northern Italy and is considered as an exceptional nature of the historical dating of the findings.


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    A23 Palmanova-Udine-Tarvisio highway

    A28 Portogruaro-Conegliano highway

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