A network committed to the promotion of unexpected places of historical, cultural and environmental importance in the UNESCO World Heritage SitesBY THE CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE

Mirabilia - European Network of UNESCO Sites connects for the first time all the areas associated by an historical, cultural and environmental importance. An interaction among institutional and economic stakeholders and among different governance models supporting different territorial development policies.

Sponsored by 10 Chambers of Commerce the network connects the UNESCO - World Heritage Sites, excluding the universally known ones, in order to promote them among Italian and foreign tourists.

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23/07/2014Mirabilia is in the shortlist for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2014

The European Commission has announced the list of projects that will participate in the final phase of the European Enterprise Award Promotion Awards 2014. Mirabilia - European Network of UNESCO Sites has been selected between 22 and is in the running to win the grand prize.

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20/09/2014The Mirabilia web site is up and running

The presentation web site of Mirabilia network is on-line but stay tuned... We are working to offer more information, pictures and documentations and bring to you the wonder of this unexpected places.

Soon the new emotional video and the brand-new institutional brochure.

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III International Exchange of Cultural TourismPERUGIA - 30 NOVEMBER 2014

Mirabilia Network has an annual basis, with different stages of promotion in the international markets and a stable appointment in November: the "International Exchange of Cultural Tourism", a business to business meeting between the offer of the partner territories and the demand of major international tourism buyers selected by a technical partner.

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